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Mr. TuKVES, in replying, said that the object of his paper had been mainly
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ceased, and there seemed a chance for his recovery.
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tion. It is perfectly harmless and may be taken without regard
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ness, but is really due to exhaustion of all the faculties of mind and
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specific gravity of the blood, augmentation of the hemoglobin, and multi-
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ity of cases there can be felt, after evacuation, a decided
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case with me, and we agreed to apply eight leeches to the fore-
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Rabbits. — Pfeiffer 5 demonstrated as early as 1893 that rabbits were
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lessen the danger of infection, and the constricting ring cut. The
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gence, are said to have brought on attacks. The disease is said to
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tained, when the symptoms do not warrant a pK>sitive diagnosis.
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that the crews of ships, as a rule, were suddenly and simultaneously
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extremities. Should the injured surface be extensive,
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play, and save the life of the patient, do the radical operation.
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pounds. It was not at first intended to include a comparative trial
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1909, p. 277; also p. 322. In Chap. 8 of this volume
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Uol. 1S77, iv. p. 106.— 3, Erlenmeyer. Cent. f. Ncrvcnkrank. 1887. — 4. Frey.
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given by the mouth, and soon after small amounts of pas-
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On hearing of the case of suicide recently reported,
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breakfast, dinner, and supper " ; — all these were bound to tell upon the
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Wien. med. Bl.,1880, iii. 209; 236; 281 ; 31)7; 340.— Scboen.
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stimulative action is desired. " Vin Mariani " is agreeable, palatable, imparting
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season, variety, ripeness, and soil. The nutrient value of the
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are already solid and formed (hemorrhoids). Conversely, solid feces
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There is another class of patients very afflictive to our nervous system,
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Constitutional Convention of the State of New York, in
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already trespassed too long on your time, I will reserve
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of the good things provided by the reception committee.
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tion, and that if insufficient dextrose was used a reversion of reaction
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was able to be up and about, dying several months later with typical
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right, I shall be but too willing to work with you for our
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hand, there is the very strong objection that urea may exist in con-
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Notes on the Treatment of Tuberculosis. — Dr. War-
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Amoeba coli. In order to be able to distinguish typhoid

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