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indol, and skatol. It is in connection with the two last
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an emergency. Williams thinks that we have to deal with two varie-
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Family Center have been modified to give better care
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know which to pity most — the unfortunate Doctors attached' to
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Patli. Soc. Diibl., l.S7:i-.'), ii. .s., vi, 240. — itlolaiw. [Tii
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vehicle of dust, we have more than our doubts ; according to
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es to '20 per cent, and now (1907) it is 15 per cent,
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among the Friends, there is an account of the diftrefs of
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meetings in which the subject of pepsin has been discussed be published in The Pro-
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and by making, as he does, the doctrine of the perpetuity of specific
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of investigation which enables him to decide before opening the
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A. M., Civil Engineer, and is accompanied by a diagram exhib-
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Edgar, John M., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Ordered to the
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what, give different results when injected into animab, and luive entirely differ-
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The patients were not average patients, but selected, many of
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of Halverstadt, in one hundred and seventy-four operations for gall-
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signifies that the irritability is qualitatively modified, i. e., there is a R. D. Where the line is
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face ; they not only add to the comfort and personal appearance, but contribute
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kled on his forehead an instrument which glared like the head-
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The children rarely survive birth longer than from twenty to thirty i hours.
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just as the hearing of the blind becomes more acute. Such guessing,
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bone" as it is commonly said, that the surgeon's first efforts should
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thra was found. Strict hygienic course of treatment,
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We are unable exactly to explain why strychnia, or arsenic, or
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protruded. Later, it is so dry and contracted that it can scarcely be put
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light hair, red beard ; reduced in flesh ; lies in a state of delirium and apparent insensibility,

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