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Fatholoqical Society of London, 8. no p.m.— Mr. J. Hutchinson, jun. :
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editor of the well-known medical journal Ugeskrift for Lager
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conditions of out-patient relief on some intelligible principle ;
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that both occurrences took place after several weeks of con-
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against the frontal bone, close to its temporal ridge on the
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throw it round the terrified and screaming victim, who
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societies, other health professions, volunteer health
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investigators urge the inadequacy of the evidence to the con-
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thought that, as the Act would probably be made compulsory,
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ply. The only safeguard action throughout is at the com-
sporanox dosage for tinea versicolor
purchase of stretchers and ambulance boxes at 33 stations on
sporanox liquid side effects
shortening in these cases was due to muscular contraction ;
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London; Mr. H. R. Greene, Portsmouth J. G. Gornall, M.B., Warring-
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A communication was received announcing the death of
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fully known: he suftered from syphilitic iritis, from painful
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which from 0.35 g. to 0.5 g. may be derived from a kilogramme of cod-
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crease of 4,334 in the last twenty years. The increase, how-
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suppose that the injurious substance is taken up by the lymph-
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teriological observation on the spot itself, M. Le Roy des
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persons attacked died, the recoveries being in children aged 7 years,
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sity was to advance learning, not to promote teaching, or ex-
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Lady Superiuteudcut of the Royal Infirmary and of the Liverpool
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picked up in the courtyard, where he had fallen senseless.
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The diurnal tablet triturates can be divided into two or four
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weakening of the heart, as already proved ; so that if our
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ing the market-towns of Wragby, It so hapiiened, in theyear 1812, that
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to the Board of Trade during the last fifteen years has de-
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He also recommends a mixture containing butyl chloride 10 grains, and
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which I applied to Dr. Luys's subjects. I repeated on
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directions for the examination of colour vision by Holmgren's
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grows no timber. If the house is closed as "unfit for human
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since 1881 have been put in their proper place and swell the
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improvement before proceeding to divide the tendons. He
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logical aptitude for the highest walks of medicine which was
sporanox antifungal medication

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