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Julius F. Mnnca, M. D., Prof. Special Surgery^ University
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imagination. Leaving Hammond, but not leaving physic, he enters,
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the detection of the culprit where circumstantial evidence fails to point to one
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chlorid of lime solution is added, drop by drop, without shaking. If the
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oesophageal tube. And in this session also occurred a very instructive
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the consultants advised amputation as the only hopeful treat-
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The fact that these toxic bases can experimentally be destroyed
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cause the general disease. It is only when the process
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most sufferers and sensitive people. Even when in loveCarlyle noticed
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patients — the chances being almost two to one in favor of
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muscles, but they are extremely numerous upon the muscu-
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ations have been performed there, and the results have
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years ago, and, after an interval of fourteen years, has had a recurrence of it.
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Paulus Aegineta says (de re medica VII. cap. XI). Pliny tells
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doses were given in plain solution of ether, and the patient
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which they would not consent until seeing their family Physi-
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with an of r'glit popliteal, of which he gave
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The lungs showed minute ecchymoses on two occasions. Effusions of
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giving foods, such as oats (crushed preferred), bran,
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Continental physicians (Rabuteau, Behier, Debout, Eu-
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more than thirty States of the Union ; limited to an
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cases we read of. Was much interested in this case.
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five years in study at Paris, when he returned to this country.
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^ cases of venous metastasis among my few cases. I shall first refer to
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Cohn, Fraser, and Jamieson (34) have shown that the heart muscle may be af-
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face, as indicative of febrile action, we have seen serious error
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resemblance of the disease to tuberculosis might explain
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parts surrounding the vessel. Thus in cupping, there is prompt
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In treating disease and irregular actions of different parts of the
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