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exit to its contents partly. I then introduced the blades of the
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â– mgytRT pyemie tmnperatun, progressive tympanites (at times timitefl to the left
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In this panel four artists of the XX century have portrayed subjects having some bearing
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finnor of its oonectness. I^ in calculating the duration of the disease,
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indirectly, to summon physicians well established in civil practice,
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Streak preparations from the spleen revealed the presence of pen
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downward until the spinal fluid is seen running out. An
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now than it was a generation ago, but the mortality statistics
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been a misfortune that any one (Malfatti) should, even at the begin-
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from the Canadian Society of New York, at which over two
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is eliminated as an ethereal potassium salt of sulphuric acid
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teen inches long, fitting loosely in the lumen of the female
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moisture of tissue, and that moistmre admits of ready removal by evapora-
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It is a mistake to restrict the diet of a puerperal
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pints of the same green, viscid fluid, lias a great desire for cold
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The careful student of the early history of surgery finds
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one-half of the cases of pulmonary phthisis, and which may outrun, if it
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is always salutary so far as the circulation is concerned, and only
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success they hold out. The converse should be the rule.
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not feel permitted here to give cases in his possession that
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As it occurs in the course of another disease, the additional disturbance
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MUBBAT, R. D., surgeon, died at Laredo, Texas, November 22, 1903.
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the question has been too extensively treated during
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examining the blood of persons stricken with it. They

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