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normal; all painful sensory symptoms had disappeared; drib-

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classified as " amateurs," and distinct from the " professional "

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Class A school, all the people of North Carolina will want it and will

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constant practice to keep her hand in ; electricity is to

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tion of binocular single vision is open to question, such

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active counterirritant. In debilitated conditions too, with an

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self in two distinct forms, the severe and the mild. The severe

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hould the child have a slight attack of bronchitis, an

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hastily was due to fear of contagion or to other reasons.

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A SILENT PARTNER . . . Continental's Companion Policies

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duration of life is relatively short. The giant-celled

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kind would be wholly unreliable unless obtained by the

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by 75 miles wide, was divided into subdistricts under

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epidemic pneumonia in guinea pigs were isolated from guinea pigs in

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Beitr. z. klin. Chir., Tiibing., 1898, xxi, 637-062.— Ruotle

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Dose.— H. &C., gr.v.-xx. (.3-1.3); D., gr.i-1. (.008-.06).-

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Effect of the Alkaline Injections on Cardiac Shock. — In moderate as well as

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when forced to do so, and, as far as may be, always with the

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his person, and dispatched a challenge, in true student fashion,,

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being rather of a mild form and not at all permanent.

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or islands, and they may or may not cover the whole side of the

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to ijublish his history during his stay in that institu

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commencement of labor, or only after the first few pains,

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between the condition referred to and that of true frac-

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Altersstufen, Landwirtschaftliche Versuchsstationen, 1872, xv, 404.

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to the third report, are worth quoting in full : —

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