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lung which was very similar to that just presented by Dr.

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sae of the abscess. In the left lobe were three abscesses. The first

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should be light and supporting. After a serious attack of bleed-

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ing of the surface, which has such a complex action on the blood and

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unless the walls are very thin there is no indication of the

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be referable to the chronic dysentery, with which this patient had suffered for 12 months,

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quent symptoms following electric shock. The writer recalls a case of ab-

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Please turn page for brief summary of prescribing information.

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on me to mention them here, as some of them have suflfered se-

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observers, all of whom have large clinical material at

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There had been no nasal breathing through the right nostril.

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Surgical Nursing and After-Treatmen t. By H. C. Rutherford

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optic nerve may be situated behind the eyeball, and the papilla may be

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London : Simpkin, Mak.shall, Hamilton, Kent, &; Co., Limited.

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It is found, as a rule, to affect the extremities. After

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improved technique which Bier has heralded and which he pre-

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in language they can understand, and educating them about

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deterioration of the mental faculties. Eclampsia is, in other

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examinations would be naturally very desirable in similar cases,

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dispensed with and the entire attention of the physicians present directed to

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pendent upon certain supposed ultimate principles of the con-

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or .snii.ll<'r iur^.s ..f tbick.Tiinj; .>f ihe [»Til.,ii.-uiii. S<'cnn.l^ir> s:,ro,.Tii,i, iHr

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To return to the question of the artery affected, we must sup-

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was stitched to the skin at its point of exit. The towel beneath

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of those who would be moved to respond to this call of

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1856. After practising for a time in Walkerton and Kincardine

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cup-holder (6r), the support (ID, Itase (7 /), the glass

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stances can be of much avail. If the case be watched (and

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e Anwt«jnMo>¥UMou>'Ci> Im *(ut4 UgcoO I'Mema'xvoi Ho"<M Mwiy Co IW

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Id produce, from'motives similar probably to those which actuated

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milk feeding. Sixth — Carefully disinfect the stable. Seventh —

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eruption, but when the treatment was discontinued the disease recurred.

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than other parts of the body to influences capable of modifying the

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[Thhse de Parts, 1874) has made a series of very interesting researches for the

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leg up to the lower border of the popliteal space, carried lightly over the tu-

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