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he often slept on horseback for miles together. In fine, he was

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and sympathies, supposed to exist in the animal body,

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Corp.esposdbnts, who wish notice to be taken of their commnnica-

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The two cases I have adduced prove, that, in the adult

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Oregorii Toronici historiĀ» Francorum libri decern.

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dental surgery, who desire to possess tlie privilege of

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gratifying and remarkable improvement in the condi-

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loureux, an interesting account of which, and of the

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the persistence of these conditions for some time pre-

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enic as well as medicinal treatment, so as to improve

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ture was evaporated on a water-bath to the consist-

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of the Council, and at 12 o'clock noon for the Gene-

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there ai-e twins ; if not, we may proceed to apply the

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Society of Antiquaries, and the unforgetting friend

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through thii-ty-six feet of thin metallic tubing, which,

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were not interfered with until the ninth or tenth day

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Zeitschrift fm- Geburtskunde. Band. iii. Heft. 1. 1835.

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knowledge of anatomy, left the ancients in the shade.

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praecordial region not greater than natural ; respiratory

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in which personal bravery on the battle-field is ex-

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OS, and left to expand, are comparatively safe, and

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reliction of duty on the part of the Council to neglect i

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The price is a third of the present price in Europe.

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prospect of a large number recovering their reason.

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taken his degree, was ordered to fix liis residence in

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schoolmasters in Scotland were also endeavouring to

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with protrusion of the intestine, the intestine itself

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