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are the structural affections to be noticed : Induration, softening, ulcera-

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The source of the Avaxy material is not known, Avhether from the blood or

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The coronoid process of the ulna, by its relation with the greater

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burning sensation in the region of the throat and stomach; the snrface of the

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not be paralysed. The lesion in such a case, according to Heddseus, is in

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• This title is in the MS. G., Latin : “ Ad omnes homines

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the local infection which causes it to be frequently overlooked or

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what elliptical in shape, and remain in this general form and ^^-ith this

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billiards ; terraced grounds with band stand and shelters. Excellent

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ingestion of a moderate amount of fat (equal to that taken in an ordinary meal) the

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animals, and that animals which have been treated chronically

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3-20 of an inch minus for every 1-10 inch of separation.

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erentlemen compose the editorial staff: Geo. G. Andrews,

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ration. The furuncles varied in size, from that of a small egg to a garden

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available in the patient's own locality rather than requiring

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never saw one kidney alone involved, or of Kiimmell, who says that in the

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without its disagreeable ones. The extract he employs contains in each

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first, regardless of expense, learn to produce by modi-

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hysterical seems to be the only one that can be placed definitely apart from

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ceeded to make the peritoneal toilet, and felt my finger

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him l)y the remaining cases Dr. Keynolds was able to conclude

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had written him a prescription for an emetic, ''that it was no

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1 1 . Hunder G, Bloch DA, Michel BA, et al: The American College of

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acids by ammonia in the form of an amorphous flocculent compound, which

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revive at once, upon swallowing into the stomach an ounce or

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front and behind no dulness is elicited. He is restless and semi-comatose, answering

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third stage of labor. will need just a little more vis-a-tergo,

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of the individual muscle fibers, hypertrophy of the fibers, rarefaction of the

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muscle balance and function. After the skeletal lines are established

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Joint conditions, due to improper weight-bearing, with or without

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normal thereby. The element of cardiac overstrain from high

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the clergyman of the island showed him a register of deaths

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