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of the hands and arms preceded that of the muscles of the back and

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the tenderness of the breast and the lower part of the ab-

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extensive membrane formed by an appendix epiploica. It has a free left border

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and nervine tonics. It is in diseases or symptoms affecting the

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of T8g9 in a deplorable state of mind and body, the

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accompany troops to Kort Clark, 'I'exaa.and report to the

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wiuH not suHpected ; in fact, tliu quoHtion occurred

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parallel series of serum and of plain broth tubes, from dilutions 10~^ to 10~^ cc.

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fore antecedent to the attack of rheumatism. Still, ,

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ganism belongs probably to the flagellate infusoria. It

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the temperature of milk, by setting it in a pail of warm water

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corpora amylncca, which, when infiltrated with salts, form the

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He who thrusts his dirty fingers into a wound very likely causes

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subjected to Rontgen ray treatment both with the static

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Fannie G., a;t. 23, married, and the motlier of one

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The fact that lesions affecting the cerebral convolutions so often give

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record. Well it may be said that we have set the pace, and long after we have left for the sterner duties of life,

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back and at root of penis, gradually increasing for nearly

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360, 492, 586, 680, 780, 928, 1034, 1145, 1268, 1388

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The diagnosis must be made chiefly from stercoral typhlitis. The presence

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in the refraction of the two eyes (because then the dip-

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lished. It treated of interparoxysmal or continuous hysteria,

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milk for his patients without considering the importance of knowing

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greatly troubled with constipation for the past three years, and for over

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cut, even though chloroform had been used extensively and with confidence.

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rounding parts be extreme, we find the soft palate on the affected side

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36. The most efficient Method of Removing the Placenta. By Dr. Crede.

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without going into the details of my experiments, I

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quickly. In this case the prognosis was good, that is, for such a wound.

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use this and other high power movements, have examined

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are equally invalidated by the discovery of the diazo

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parturition is proportional to the weight of the new-born, and is just

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