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13. That consideration be given the following suggestions: An ideal way of handling
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The rendering plant at Globe, Ind., above referred to, is known as the National Ren-
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man (1951); Edward Massie, St. Louis (1951); Guy D. Calla-
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make an estimation and collect the back tax. Mr. O’Brien
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.■vi.l.'iil in all animals, it is paitiiMilarly in tli.' .'as.' ol' man tliat tli.- .'Vi-
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here have a slight error, it seems that in their present form they war-
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tion, well reviewed by Heineke,* and by Delore and Alamartine.*
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The dog died on April 23. On post-mortem examination the body
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is high, the relative number of non-paral3rtic forms is high; that is, the
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no quarrel with this point of view except that it is
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dnrin- reflex fath.'ne; thus, the heat of the serateh rellex may l.eeome
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monia, Folin; acid excretion, Henderson and Adler; hydrogen-ion con-
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!:i|jinii'iiir-|iici|iiiiiiii' iiriil. wliii'li lli''ii rcniili'iiM's t(i I'lTiii Jiiiiiiin |i.\ rinii-
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Animal breeding and disease. By A. D. Melvin and E. C- Schroeder 211
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inspection of cattle at the time of slaughter as would not only secure
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with are very gooa. The general condition of this house, when compared with the other
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try and have been here longest. They are also the most popular draft
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3. Eusterman, G. B., and Wilbur. D. L.: Primary Malignant
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(demonstrated by serial section) probably disappearing.
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the heart valves of the pig could be injected with regularity.
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These observations have shown facts which may prove important for
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occupies the last chapters of the book. The subject of

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