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experience led to abscess formation. Disease of the
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forward a little out of place, or if any bone is broken it must be the
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extracted. The patient left the hospital with a good
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what that may be is not to be considered here, but that
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the fingers, wrists, genitals, axillae, toes and ankles. The ointment must be
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skull should ever be alloAved to die from pressure of
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in carrying out instructions, in Beeiog to the cleanliness of the home, and
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and period of decline — all cori'esponding to these
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but of this modification of the operation I shall speak
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tice. In cases that require such treatment, the os uteri is morbidly
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jiiorbid poison, no ordinary purgative can increase those dis-
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active and distributed throughout the Plasmodium ; the
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said by the London Medical Gazette, from which we extract it, to be
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write spomtaneously nor from dictation, although she
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their bounden duty, in returning their verdict in strict accordance with
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times by subscribing for the leading medical journals
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employs prolonged counter-irritation over the liver,
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Vomiting is an occasional sj'mptom. Generally it is a result of over-
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was pei formed by Dr. J. F. D. Jones, then a recent graduate
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in six — that is, in 2.8 per cent.* Curschmann^ personally
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Black now began to be influential in the reawakened community.
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the case of two patients with sluggish livers, whom I saw
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Peabody, F. W.. and Wentworth, J. A.: Arch. Int. Med., 1917. 20, 44.3.
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diarrhoea becomes epidemic, only when the mean temperature has
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nodosities (previously described under Arthritis Deformans) may present
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Dr. Bristowe admits that the more general symptoms of pyemia
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h>(ricture of the Urethra, ly. Retention of Urine, lyi. Afiections of the Penis, lyii. Haemato-

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