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strong movement is now on foot for the union of all these
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eularly to burns, and is in frequent, use for such purposes.
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attention in themselves, and in their relations to the phenomena of septic poison-
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thalmic goitre, is due to some glandular defect follows
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of the wound on the 13th February 1859, three years and ten months
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soda, internally, in ten grain dos< s. After a week <>!' this
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and six weeks later a fully compensating collateral circulation was
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Resolved, That the Secretary of the State Medical Society be
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hat^nl Wn ■ ^^° ^'"^?^>' ^^"^'^ "-^^^ slaughtered froL
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do occur are of two distinct general classes — transverse and longitudinal ;
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joints, each of which contains 53,000 eggs — total, 85,000,-
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Each tablet contains: methenamine, 300 mg.; sodium acid phosphate, 500 mg.
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and of no advantage. Hypodermoclysis administered in
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The tongue will fall forward, and leave the entrance into the windpipe free.
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among the neat-cattle of Rhode Island ; the whole covering 177
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crackling sound to the ear, like that which is heard when one throws
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lOi-HlO • • 00 00 "^ rH p '* OQ *-• f^ii 00 <M lO Oi CO • ©«
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be taken as landmarks, seeing that F. loa is a long-
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of a bacteriemia. The infection can be explained only by assuming
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probably because chrysophanic acid is formed in the body from chrysarobin.
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During the last two years he had had frequent haemorrhages
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mansion, contiguous to the Royal Institution, and pre-
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Another case, and a more recent one, is equally striking
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Under these names Yirchow was the first to describe an affe<
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1894-5, vi, 91-97.— Bauge & Bricon (P.) Epilepsie
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a hot flash on tamoxifen metabolism
tendant for the typhus patients, that new cases ceased to appear. (These
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and promotes uterine contractions. It is renewed twice in
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tion in one of the widest fields for women's diseases
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involving an elevation and advance of the promontorium, besides an
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But the term melana2mia, as used by me, has a different
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stricture. Others, again, differ, and in their efforts to
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ammonice. — January 27. Respirations 36; pulse 120; abdomen soft
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Fandly history: Mother died of consumption, age<l lorty-
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racy, but because a series of inventions has increased
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here, have almost disappeared since the occupancy of the same districts by this
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aspirations as those of a great English philosopher in
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time of greatest reproductive activity. The records of the New Hospital
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Frai^-cis EDmrnfTD Anstib, M.D., r.E.C.P. ; Senior Assistant Physician to tlie
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are sometimes present, such as oval disks with deep central grooves upon
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principle: know your stuff, know who you are stuffing,
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much acceleration of the pulse at any time ; it was 90 to the minute
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The author of the paper gave two sets of cases, viz. :
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to be avoided. Fats — and especially animal fats and fats
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