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not take place, the general health depreciates, and more radical
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trity ? By the following conditions : 1. The patient
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TRAILBLAZERS: From top right: Philip Drinker, William
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of development— ova, spade-shaped embryos, and perfect animals
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called to see Mrs. K., (residing at some distance), in
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Augicst 17th. — She was again placed on the table, and the ex-
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he cared little to be ranked in any of the ^categories,
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80, however, in menorrhagia, where retained coagula constitute
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shadow ot justice in this statement, the present review
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tion of the urethra, caused by rough handling of instru-
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tion being a secondary and local manifestation of the systemic
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deranged, the urine being much less in quantity ; :
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I think there are so many ways that we can even take the abor-
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the purpose intended. Therefore, it is never necessary

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