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whilft the margins remain foul. The fkin feels unufually hot

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exhibitions of their skill instead of imparting some practical

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Dr. Matthews Duncan (London) said that, in the inquiries under discus-

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followed the arrival of wedding-guests, one of whom was attacked, and from

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should be quite dift'erent from that of the future lawyer,

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and that is, to consider well before you evacuate the fluid, for

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"low." The high affects the eyes, and the eyes only as

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the relation of typhoid fever to fevers of malarial origin, based upon

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discharges but also of the convective discharge from a

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of areolar tissue, the tubular gland system, the blood-vessels, &c.

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quently affected with discharges of matter. Silicea may be required af teir

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most severe of the cases included by recent French and German authors,

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In the writer's experience faulty projection is a very

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strong odour of ammonia ; it contains much solid matter, and

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will cure itself. It is extremely necessary to stimu-

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other German watering places there is an abundance of

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tissue is the appearance in the uterus during pregnancy of

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boil salmon whole, as is frequently done, is simply to do an injustice both to

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A. Newsholme,^ who has made exliaustive studies, finds that the

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scesses in their cortices. The pelves and ureters were

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edly in their symptomatology, prognosis, and treatment : (a)

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wounds with application of Biobrane.^ It was found to be

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present in the system as a result of excessiye die-

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method report success in thousands of cases. Good re-

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diable, because it is a quality largely depending on the bodily

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acid in every case where this may be indicated. 3. As a nutritive

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All clothing that can be washed is disinfected with steam. For

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the low plane of social economics. Their actual cash

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the physical or mental constitution. We know that, at such

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morning bath is necessary on account of the fouling of the napkin during

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pubic operation he divides the skin, supra^uperfidal

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