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1st ; Charles S. Woodwright, Surgeon, to the Hood^ May 25th.
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^iity of sugar daily eliminated by a diabetic is not an infal-
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declined to anticipate a judgment upon intentions which are
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customs, the climate, the diseases, hill stations, means of
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well, too, that the profession and the public should be on their i,'uard.
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equally applicable to medical as other officers, and are all
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examined the woman, and I have much pleasure in express-
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shall not be resorted to without further delay. If the patient
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text, on the ground that they have no exact equivalents in
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grains of reduced iron or carbonate of iron twice or thrice
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a view to the second edition which will surely be called for, it
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follow mechanical irritation of the eyes, from such substances
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whom all this does not affect, but neurotic and tender-skinned
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progressive bulbar paralysis, especially in the history of two
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female patient in whom true cardiac affection had evidently
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away at the spot where it is becoming contaminated, that we
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Evidence of Br. John Tatham. — The Value of the Registration
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ject headings and not under localities. In the future we propose in this
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such a nurse should communicate with Miss C. J. Wood, 27, Percy
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the more severe type— they occupied a much larger area,
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ing with lepers in the asylums, often for many years, none

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