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each direction ; a diminution in circumference of 8 ctm.
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divides these cases into three classes — (i) pregnan-
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wise its own peculiar method of assimilation and elimination. There
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report themselves at the office of the City Commandant, who sends them in
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laboratory, however, has done its beat work in show-
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nation and supination are intact ; the hand cati be
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cases where there has been no traumatism. I recall a
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bed or at least out of the room. The diet should always
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Robert Swift, MD, PhD - Current Pharmacologic Management
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to controlled mechanical ventilation.^ This is beneficial
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* Read at the Forty-ninth Meeting of the American Otological
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pictures, drawings, marble vases, bronzes, and medals to the museum
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possible that during the second week especially the method may at
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and the extremely marked influence of the latter upon the tremor indi-
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sterilization of all bedding, etc., must be performed
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afterwards he gave to each of them the same amount of amygdaline. The
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424 Identity of Erysipelas and Puerperal fever. [July,
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combating shock in such cases. Certain of my cases bear
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consequence, of which he had been shut in the depart-
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some theological subject on which he was writing a pamphlet.
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no bacilli were found there seems to be no doubt about
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patient was an inmate of the Blockley Almshouse, obstetrical department;
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and does not need re-foiming at ihe expense of the fluids of the economy, and,
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ability of this origin of the disease. There must have been a considerable
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me almost necessary that all hospital authorities should keep
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on the second and some following days such an eruption resembles that
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down as " presystolic" at St. George's Hospital ; and I have
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f^oine time, both in Great Britain and in Ireland, but these
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and endometritis — that is to say — inflammation this side and that, outside and

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