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. After preparing it the first time, all day there was a sting-
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come a source of great inconvenience; no pain or fetor, how-
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“There is hope,” the article said, “that the film in-
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high vascular pressure is opposed to absorption, and, other things being
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by Lewisson ('Eeichert's Archiv,' 18G9). In a series of expci-iments on
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toes drawn in towards soles of feet ; general paralysis of nerves of sensation
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John Grant from Strathspey, surgeon to the staff in Aberdeen,
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In the corresponding week last year there were only
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often starting of the limb at night. She could not use the
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Large hemorrhages are more common in the extrameningeal form; they
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The bone-marrow shows a condition much like that described in the
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ble conscience is expected to use his leisure in gi-ooming a book,
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of the University and will be a lasting and valuable benefit to the stu-
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more than one-tenth in the consecutive fever, which is stated
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general dropsy. This effect is doubtless in a great measure due to the
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that had come over him when writing Opera and Drama, a
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thirst, foetid odour of the breath, and general emaciation, with paralysis o a
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creatinin contributed but a small portion of the total hue. As
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considered in testing tin utensils for the presence of lead. His
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The prognosis is generally grave both as to life and cure, although some
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Medical Examiners shall terminate upon the appoint-
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in falling to sleep, and got a good night's rest. On my visit
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Operation should be performed only when aseptic treatment
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of colour being visible in the conjunctiva or mucous membranes.
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Siamese twins were residing on a large plantation which they possessed m
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Diagnosis. — The general evidences of obesity should
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ordered lavage without change in diet, and in the course
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the tree of Puysegur, the passes and manipulations, the
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from the want of exercise abroad, or of the recumbent pos-
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etiology of hemoglobinuric fever I believe that it is evident that quinin
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of this condition. The present illness, we have learned, began in May
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cup-holder (6r), the support (ID, Itase (7 /), the glass
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haustively. Behring uses the blood serum of animals

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