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A Case of Paralysis of the Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve;

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for some years, but found the bromides so repulsive

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was not understood; the right lobe of whose lung was a mass of tuber-

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25. Macgregor, Sir Patrick, Bart., to George HI. and

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finally obtained by the use of the latter, after coating with two layers of celloid-

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years— that is, since California imposed a moratorium on

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A PERIOD of six years of usefulness in its second edition

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The condition resulting from acute specific processes, while some-

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*Booth, Wilbur H., 172 Genesee St., Utica, Oneida Co. Original.

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whose parents w^ere deaf and dumb. The intestines pro-

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Number of peraons over twenty years of age enrolled

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* See Lowenfeld, Pathologic u. Therapie der Neurasthenic u.

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season, does anybody who has studied its laws doubt

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A. M., Civil Engineer, and is accompanied by a diagram exhib-

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HI. Account of the Epidemic Dyfentery which prevailed among the Dutch

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A girl, ait. twelve years, was lately admitted into the Leeds

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where his distinguished bearing, no less than his extraordinary charm,

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mcnt of various skin diseases. As an anti- causing inertia and bleeding,

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ability. It is easy to obtain accounts of apparent infec-

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Jews until about 700, B.C., it can hardly be said to have origi-

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book has been made pleasanter to read, without its bulk being mate-

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Using fetoscopy, a specimen was successfully obtained in

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intentionally use the false name, and that it was a mis-

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