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without benefit. Faradism appears to have done harm,


were cooled 22.5 degrees in half an hour, and that 108

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It is now nearly twenty years since the discovery of

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failed. Tbe State Board did not enforce Its full requirements, but

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tion of the drug. The cumulative action of trional as shown

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and which are the basis of blood, bone and brain; We

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Deutsche Med. Wochenschrift (BeHIn and Leipsic), April.

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fixes Its dues, and each County Association fixes its own. Tbe

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private houses are in many respects much to be preferred to

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experience of those who took active part in the struggle

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is actually consumed, so that while an animal may be


majority of practitioners only those cases are recognized in

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from Simla say the census returns of the central provinces

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In several instances surgeons have operated success-

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ilis, of tuberculosis, of infectious and miasmatic diseases,

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peevish for a few days before I was called to see her. At the

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times the pericardial wall is involved by the tuberculous

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bers of the conference, and The Joubnal of the Amebican mbdi-

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among thousands of children in the New York Foundling Hos-

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as special, designed for graduates and advanced students.

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enable the patient to sit erect and the abscess to drain almost

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vanished \rith it or was materially improved. Hofmann re-

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the use of antiseptic douches which are unnecessary in the

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between the muscles from which the bone has been dis-

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pubis, with tJie cervix directed backward, lying within an

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under these conditions, the patient's chances might be

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Afterward, in the same way as during convalescence from an

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for which that city is famous, and after passing the

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per 1000. The deaths of persons over 60 years of age were 109,

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trip which he designates "A Race Against the Sim." He goes

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just considered, there are only three others that are of

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ments. 4. The amnesia of one mutilated self for an-

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uine contracted kidney or granular atrophy; amyloid fatty

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Case 210. — Operator, Oalaudet, 1895. Dorsolumbar region ; dura-

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fluences. Some include tuberculosis, migraine and hysteria.

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the Great Northern and Omaha roads and by the North-

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