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of the ovary, this was included and cut away with the

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adhere to the simple staples, such as bread, butter, sugar, milk,

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dog-nose. It is also found occasionally in China and the Malay

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apparent mental defect ; or it may be preceded by marked signs of spastic

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ally as typhoid, Dut, in addition, to those ad;aitted

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so complete that a quantity of brain may be destroyed without

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course is slow but persistent. It burrows till the joint is

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scalded. It often happens that the remedy used to destroy the acari is con-

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It is very noteworthy that the most recent statistical return on the

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jected, and that the injections had come away without effect.

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she needs to know and yet does not keep her away from

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or not ; and the complete failure of those operative measures

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lic recognition; they desired one-half of Bellevue Hospi-

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and tar lia\3 all proved useful. The camphorated soap liniments and

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angr}^ dispute concerning the use and abuse of vesicatories in fever;

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vary greatly in colour, staining in some cases deep opaque black, or less

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and the heart Two kinds of senile pulse may be observed.

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tack of gonorrhoea four years ago, lasting eight months. A

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cing artificial tuberculosis in animals by means of vacci-

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cases by the sensations of the patient. It is often indicated to some

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laboration with another lady M. D. Four ladies holding distinguished

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and covered the whole nipple, and, after some time, the breast became hard.

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Acute vaginal leucorrhcea is accompanied b} T a sense of weight,

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doubt. A mode of obliterating vascular texture, and of changing vascu-

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just outside the orbital cavity and above the outer canthus or

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this disease, it was necessary to apply, as a control, the same methods

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Dr. Marshall's last publication on military subjects

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tion of the hydrochloric acid with the corrosive sublimate ;

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nasopharynx. In very young infants the crypts of the

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relieve its general and portal congestion, and by its secondary

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no means upon the stretch ; and they are not muscular.

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bodies in the synovial cavity, defective secretion of synovia, in-

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for long periods without breaking down, and the current must be sufficient

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