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Hottot's and Duquesnel's — maybe 0.0005 gramme given twice or

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aspect, and rapidly disappear. The white globules are creatly increased


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T. The difference between the two varieties of jaundice with which we

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cutaneous exhalations is followed by local imflammation. The

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treatment consisted in rubbing with lactic acid, alternating with

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111. a iieiiiecli lekafi. | I'lie <lise;ise of Fred-

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confined to one posterior horn, and he believed some such bilateral lesion,

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partial mould of their interior. Many of these masses were naked, and

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of the United States, as well as a violation of the

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21, or about four-fifths, were fiital. In 12 patients it rose above 160;

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8. Repeated ckangeqf position^in some measure distinct from what has

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hand, stimulation is frequently of great importance in the latter stages of

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“every reputable physician of good moral character”

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vocal cord was found in a state of perpetual eleva-

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gloire immortelle." (" Epidemics et Ephemerides," trad, par Yvaren,

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beta-blockers or digitalis may result in additive effects on

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process is a circumscribed one, but non-destructive, as there is never

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proceeds to define typhoid fever, giving quotations from

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may be successively introduced until the liquid is exhausted. The depoa

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number of ladies who have attended during the three last Term?,

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for a Homoeopathic Hospital at New Haven on condition

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whale, porpoise, sea-cow, the Indian dugong, mice and rats, porcu-

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cation. It will be impossible to so enunciate them as to

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The bone-marrow is often red, rich in nucleated corpuscles, and thus

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received. They contain, as you will find, a very large amount of val-

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nounced to meet in twenty-fourth annual session at Nurem-

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fibres affected from their trophic centres, either hy destruction of these ganglia, or by

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So-Called Transitional White Blood Cell, The Archives Int. Med.. 1916, xvii, 1.

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possible to segregate that group of chronic gastric

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'* The treatment here described, was not such a course of indiscriminate exhibition of

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about using the X-ray. I have been handling an X-ray ma-

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The State of the Ifedical Profession further Exemplified. By Edwin Lee,

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to plunge a fork into them. It was suggested to Dr.

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