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(2) Compared with the colorimetric procedure described in
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skin, and the insertion into the wound of vaccine lymph. As a rule,
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dered him so helplessly miserable. Envying them their happy
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sternum. Right and upper border o. k. Slow, regular, good
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striking neurologic aspects of the disease. This case is pre-
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ened, cajoled, or bribed into " surrendering the distinctive name
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a process is above or below the diaphragm. Consequently,
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dose of Ergot. It is needless to say that this remedy, adminis-
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In 1890 smallpox caused only fifteen deaths in England; and the average
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plumbum i x . In a month from this time the abdomen was only two
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beheve he has some organic disease, or strengthens a suspicion
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in most cases by death. Partial extirpation, on the other hand, does not
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urine, and urates from acid urine, causing cloudiness in either
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WILLIAMSON, R. T., M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician to Ancoats Hospital,
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(2) Stain with carbol-fuchsin stain, as in paragraph 245.
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5. Do not forget that the a;-rays seldom furnish us any
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into the uterine cavity of hot water. The hemastatic action of

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