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Causes of the so-called Pulsus Paradoxus. — In a paper on the "Effects of Forced
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taken by the stomach. The two remedies may be combined to ad-
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is possible that a peculiar excitability or deranged condi-
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movement ; but as the indentation was being made, the chain of
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it is my individual exi)ericuce only) that with nearly twenty
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take any other than the religious point of view here.
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ments he advanced, bo far as they wen' arguments, were very suitable to
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lution, led me to try the effect of a number of experimental condi-
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Lancet, that the Council may possibly feel the selection of Fellows to be a
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and bows and arrows, and at one side a clumsy cannon
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the iodide of iron, the syrups of the phosphates and hypophoe-
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vided there are not more than three or four stools a day ; if they
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more frequently occurs in old age, the percentage of
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well to repeat the stretching in other directions until the
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bae irritate the intestinal mucous membrane, and so hinder
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motile, and not being capsulated. In answer to Mr. Croly he was not
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surface, and definite osseous out-growths can often be made out. Tender-
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cerebral pulse in the liuman subject during the application
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into a cachectic condition by some other affection,
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solely in the first stage. There is a certain amount of oedema of the cutis.
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give rise to other symptoms of a more serious nature, which,
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rare, except in the instance of enlarged glands ; but it is possible
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eye. An hour afterward the size of the pupil was still
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to be wrong. There is nothing more difficult than to unlearn.
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at half-past eight, leaving especial orders that he is not to be awakened
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The Criminal Lunatics BUI passed through Committee.
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For the first two days the patient complained of a good deal of pain,
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hearers his sense of the honor they had conferred upon
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97-98; (14), 11. Apr., pp. 105-110; (15), 15. Apr., pp. 113-115; (16), 19. Apr.,
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and in large quantities. One movement may half fill
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agencies, too readily penetrated by the parasite of the
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with regard to growing corns of moderate duration ; but it by no
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do anything more than reproduce some of the views it teaches.
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inflammation, will be found to disappear, leaving that which is caused exclu-
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"Doctors of the Day," wanted for 1977 Legislative Session! If you can serve in this important position
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inflammation may, in rare cases, be associated with syphilitic disease of
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wounds in which there is special danger of tetanus should be freely
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the time of injury, but blows about in the air, and infects all kinds

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