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or the lymphatic diathesis are all consequences of the cutaneous
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56. Medical Research Council: Vaccination against whooping cough: Relation
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that at the foot of the stairs the other student went in
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best of all. If others confirm the very front of the cord and suturing them to the
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the virus was destroyed and, finally, it was found that the filtrate from a Berkefeld
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either Cercopithecus Mona or Rhoesus. In support of this I invite
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in acute inflammations, the indications for this measure are not present in
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ear. Further inquiry brought out the fact that she was subject to fre-
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consideration being given to each separate feature and to their
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after 1 hour at 37° and 15 hours at room temperature.
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and gingival mucous membranes. The disease usually cuts
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The following are the details of the operation performed
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out of his hands, or is plastered upon his face by the movements, the
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worthy local symptoms indicating disease of the organ. Lazarus de-
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sections forming the bulk of the organism are separated by a trans-
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of a four-percent, solution of cocaine were injected
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medical expert in lunacy to draw up a second affidavit. These affi-
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Fig. 1 has been drawn from a large retro-peritoneal teratoma

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