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ping of the disk results from the fact that it is the least resisting point of the

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perfectly well." Xo special attention had thus far been directed

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The urinr is of low >pecific gravity, and, on account of its pigmentation

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were published by the College of Physicians, 2 the Pennsylvania State

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" Had 1 dared to bleed freely, and especially by means of leeches, the pa-

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normal, but when this is the case its specific gravity is usually low. Side

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diagnosis and prognosis. The delicacy of the instrument, however, the

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job was terminated the recipient, if still eligible

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20. Annales Cambrl®. Edited by the Rev. J. Williams ab Ithel.


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While a good many authorities consider surgery alone sufficient,

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Bathing at the sea-shore had at one time stopped the

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the iftfective nature of cancer. Brit. Med. Jour., Jan. 14,

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it is of a Philadelphia lawyer. From the other subjects

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In April. 1861, when President Lincoln made his first call for troops,

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luentale, Firenze, 1897, Ii, 377-380. . Valore terapeu-

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observed in pneumonia sputum. All these variations are analogous to

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covered, which explains any given phenomenon, we may conclude

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" So far as I can learn, tne above were the only cases of

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senting one-third, and the diastole two-thirds, of one

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especially those of a stimulating nature, are the most

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and sutured. The patient made a rapid recovery ; he is now free from

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the blood, as a rule, are injudicious, whatever may be the disease, if

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occurred during the year, but it was not a very severe one, and the

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With the report of the Committee on Necrology tlj© Com-

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usually notices another characteristic symptom, namely, a peculiar

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To this is added the strength of back, the strength of legs, the average of

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which can never grow old. Would you know how to recognize

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mary dilations are decidedly of more frequent occurrence among men.

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first a strong, and then a weaker solution of acetate of morphine to

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tissues ; and even, as regards the larynx, to sustained or violent exertion,

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nearly thirty years ago; and Mr. Critchett, one of the able

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home. We have been strongly inclined to the opinion that much has

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B., C. Lichen Ruber Obtnsus, Aciiminatus. — It is especially in

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sis with little foundation in fact. The discovery of uric acid, urea,

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hands ; nor does it permit of the regulation of the amount of

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female Megarhininae are also long, but the proboscb is curved.

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There, standing out white and clear on the edge of the cliff, the

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Although acute inflammation in this, as in other serous mem-

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probably set free from the detached and disintegrated epithelial cells and taken

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