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ing from the toxines developed, and by establishing and maintaining the normal


was recognized only at autopsy. In the three remaining cases

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ceived his degree of Bachelor of Medicine in August,

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March Qth, 1850. Up to this date has taken cod-liver oil, though at first

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geal irritation, with fair success. Yomiting in pregnancy, aftar

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eruption, which had in places the diffuse redness of scarlatina. We thought of scarla-

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now admit that galvanism is neither life, nor the comptroller of living action,

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periods of the day are much less marked in the severe than in the mild

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New Formations or Morbid Growths Pneumatoses Animal and Vegetable Parasites.

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the tubercle bacilli are carried to the hip-joint, to a point close to the

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ing June 30, and since, at 1 1 places ; scarlet fever at 22

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albumen of the cerebrospinal fluid. 'jpj^is has been found the most efficient and

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imprisonment in the county jail not less than one nor more

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melancholia ; nevertheless the delusions in the disease we are considering

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many and Austria, thirty-three per cent, have lost their

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specific gravity 1017; the colour was natural, the albumen much diminished.

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seconds. Following the injection of a two-per-ceut.

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vanced in the one, that without the spirit, while it had been

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appreciation of the remarks ofjthe President on the application of war methods

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and was complete after administration in powerful doses in so

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preceding autumn, while engaged with his father on the line of the Balti-

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treating nagana. Since then it has been used for the same purpose

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odor of salted herrings ; and the odors of scarlatina, the measles

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368: Mr. W. W. C, »t. 39, Oct. 29, 1901. Variety, spasmodic ;

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in my first trials of secale cornufum, I had no less than six cases

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his work has seemed at times somewhat sensational, he

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white powder, or in irregular masses of two varieties; the one

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