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laanths: fluctuating abscess of lumbar region extending to lilac
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sacred. I promised him the certificate and he was satisfied, but was after-
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fectly healthy, both in this situation and where it had been cut through by
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have already formed committees, made preliminary arrange-
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Dr. JaBieS' L. Day, Lebanon, who has been on duty with
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nated water. Thus, for example, the cholera epidemic
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twelve cases of disease in the small toes during the last fifteen years. The
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true smallpox. Of course, in speaking of smallpox we
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for cold drinks; there was nausea, occasional vomiting, and costiveness.
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Inspection. — Thorax. — On the left side the pleura ptdmonalis and pleura
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that a learned writer and able teacher' has, with regard to the agents under
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name where It Is the proper name for the article as In the case of
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You will observe that the taka-diastase has acted most
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and sodium salicylate pass into the milk, but in such minnle
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action. This result is an important one for practition-
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No cavity was seen in the lower lobe, which was gorged with blood, and
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At a quarter to six there was a fourth convulsion, which continued till the
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results of his study of the mortality statistics of New York
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mucosa are frequently absent. The exact nature of the
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Relation of Typhoid Fever to Oall-Stone. — The rela-
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or eight ; or in other words that the estimate of Sir A. Cooper is a just one ;
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occasions. But there are others of great singularity. Sometimes the heart
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down in the region of the larynx, but not with the mouth
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disease, an increase of 952 over the previous week, and the
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once thought of will be readily recognized. But one
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thyroid gland. To the perversion or cessation of the
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report it will be observed that many foreign countries exclude
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except on exertion. The bruit de souffiet continues with the first sound.
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the Artificial Anus ; and I hesitate not to assert that there is not to be found
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practical surgeons who are connected with railroads.
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passing a curved needle up the uterine canal through the an-
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carried from one town or city to another by means of a
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scarcely be considered as tenable ; for pus has only been used, in our expe-
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pains felt by the patient may be moderate. Localized at first,
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Dr. Frederick A. Packard has been elected a member of the
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five miles away from where the car was located. The
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light and occurred about once a month, but have gradually
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wise observed by M. Wanderback; M. Menard detected an emphysematous
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erating central and peripheral nervous irritability, ex-

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