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whale, Physeter Macrocephalus), are chiefly used as the
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attempt at differentiation seriously made. But the separation of
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and not infrequently serous effusion. A variety of clinical types have been
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appearance of inflammation of any kind about the hands to explain the
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Hugh Swinton Ball, with his wife and adopted daughter was lost on .bo d
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Twice have I inserted pieces of bone into the tubercular tarsus.
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cautious and thorough application of strong nitric acid to the sore.
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writer, Yalleix. That, however, at Boulogne was not only the gravest,
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and washed with 1 : 1 hydrochloric acid and acetone. The yield of
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make a free opening with the knife. According to Bordikr,
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muscles being pulpy, the bones dry and deprived of their periosteum.
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Variot {Journal de Clin. JEn/ance, in Revue mensuelle des Maladies de V En-
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cases. It was also described, with additional cases, in the Wiener rned.
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relief from antikamnia tablets than from all of the many medicines whidi
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synovitis, that we very seldom have a post-mortem opportunity of
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of the case was sick at the time, and I could get no data from
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I this case reminds me of, in which not shoulder or
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gible for Wisconsin license. Basic stipend, $3,600 per
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of quinine were the tests principally relied on. In
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Ont., and graduated B.A. from that Institution in 1863, and
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abdomen the fostus was found to be in the abdominal cavity,
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fuse reticular patterns. The atypical radiographic appearance
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be denied that, with regard to those who are really lunatics, there
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R. V. = f§ ; fa w. + 1-50 D. L. V. = f^ ; |§ w. + Vm D.
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was subsequently employed with success in other cases.
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cases are also observed in other parts of the world.
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gated, and it was readily demonstrated that greater abuses
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99° ; pulse, 96 ; respiration, 28. Analgesia disappeared
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were brought together with silver wire. The stump was now

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