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accordingly, as the Greeks were then universally admitted
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10. Fulton, J. F. and Viets, H. R. : Upper motor neuron le-
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use of the members of the association, where they may read or
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ated on in 1902 were all far advanced and very few uncom-
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inasmuch as it is liable to be confounded with nephritis, and with passive
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Chronic prostatitis is essentially a peri-acinous infiltration. The accom-
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plete that does not include careful attention to the patient's
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X\^ British Medical Journal Qi the tropical and sub-
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quent doses, to supplement the effect of the cold pack, he
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black pigmentation. I will conclude these few remarks
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In the treatment of valvular disease of the heart, we pay
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among which is granulo-&tty degeneration of the muscular fibres of the
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this town called 'bleeders.' Three of them are immediately and one
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the constitutions of those textures compels us to admit that some forma-
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other tumours. 5 gr. of iodine, or 1J or 2 dr. of the compound
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the disease in persons living in malarial climates. This concealed
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diseases of the uterus except that of site. The important feature of a
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convalescence. In the same way the pulse must match
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esting. The pulmonic area with its murmur is still known as a
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condition, and after a long careful attempt to make
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salt, and give it as a single drink. The effect is sometimes instan-
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potatoes ; heartburn generally severe : occasional vomiting of
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sum total of the reports of all the departmeuts which go
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much as falcons were used in olden days. This may prove very use-
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are the best means of combating this disease. If these are per-
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Middlesex North. — Drs. W. Bass, Lowell ; C. Dutton,
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success as is possible in treating the secondary diseases, which
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No pains whatever at the back. The student left at 3.20 p.m., with
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vomiting, and the purgative was castor oil. In every
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13; Porter, "Med. Rec," July 28, 1888, p. 88; Posadsky, "Deutsche
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having cured two hypochondriacal patients who were des-
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added that she had a nutritious and generous diet, and the alkaline
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in the healthy state ; towards their terminations their colour was
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I record ended fatally, but I do not think that any one
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tains phenols, cresols, and higher phenoloid bodies, also naphthalene
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nence and severity of symptoms mask the bladder ailment
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to give a professional opinion in his favor. Thanks to the agitation
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malarious origin may change their type under such circum-
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ing, in accordance with this law, was held in Carson City, on
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tageously substituted for the colocynth. Iron, as usu-
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whole Dominion, having in each Province local boards, but all
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