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OBSERVERS.— *< The Feeding of InfanU,*' In-The New York Medical Record.

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the surface of the skin, he says, which excreted blood wei'e, with the

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the resisting power of the tissues is lowered by pro-

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ordinary processes of haemolysis. So far as is known this is not true

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^vrith cutting, cramp-like, agonizing pain in the part, relieved, however,

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of the disease) ; the islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Leprosy

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days, should be allowed. "Floating" should be prohibited, especially

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makes it so useful, when mixed with hot water, to form

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He next attempts to prove that acute haemorrhage is made worse by

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f6rieur chezl'adulte. Rev. dechir., Par., 1885, v, 142; 219;

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he has taken this plan, he has had his medicine, his surgery and his midwifery, a first course


tary action on immune serum, whereas the same serum merely

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more cases of consumption, there being 81 per cent, of cases to

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it is not expelled as urea. Again, it cannot be definitely stated whether

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larger work by suggesting questions and to present the essential details

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to relieve Surgeon J. P. Wright of his duties as Acting

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material that had been collected, adding to it, and

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power and genius have made the capital of their Indo-

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corresponding muscles on the paralyzed side. The tongue

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the imagination of the most imaginative and suggestive. But

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when a piece of excised tissue was sent to the laboratory for exami-

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strosity, and yet be sane, so long as he can distinguish between

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coincided with the monthly ptosis of the left eye. The

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Saline Starvation— Caution, " Fossil Livers," . 177

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anj somniferous drugs, frequently without avail, and had

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mange and ringworm. It is applied with fat, vaseline, soap

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either much lower in the ureter or in the bladder. On

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the individual regards himself as a patient, before he has noted symptoms

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work he himself chiefly depended for future recognition. He has

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parts exposed to infection, it stands to reason that

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said of the 13th Ward, and the high death-rate of this

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Surgeon J. D. Macdonald, M.D., etc., serving in her Majesty's,

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Vlier the battle ut ■ there were many u.iunded 1;. in- nut bull, in

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Of the chemical changes going on in the body, it may

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