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dressing. But this is the only form of puerperal sep-
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is no enlargement of the liver and spleen and no diabetes) ; and of
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Z ? rf 1 J"S n % som V eara P rior t0 th * atta «k of insanity. (CV<W S cas"
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In the second case, considerably over the time mentioned by Paget
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41. Bloodless Surgery. — Mr. Chiene read before the Medico-Chirurgical
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number of patients to be attended to such a point that
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deformities as they occur in childhood. Rachitis has thus
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nuclei ; granular matter, and exudation corpuscles in great abundance. No evi-
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much opposition, because they find that it relieves them. Croup com-
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the frenum of the upper lip, but cannot say that it is a sign of syphilis.
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ground much more rapidly ; complete anorexia and se-
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And remember the previous history of long lachryma-
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influence of the fascinating theories of Broussais, which spread widely
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flourished. He laid great stress on the extraction of can-
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the zinc foundry and had better hours and better treatment.
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which was lost in the harbor of Fernandina, Florida, in April, 188 1. He
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little thinking. The field they have had to cover was
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that two situations are mentioned with a strange frequency — viz., the
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be 2000 cubic feet. While it is impossible, as Dr. Parkes remarks, to
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geneous clot. The end of the femoral artery, which was
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The surgical specialties have grown at the expense of much fissioning
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lons of water is reached. At the same time the tempera-
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disease is due to a germ whose habitat is in garden earth, it would
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aorta, a strong blowing murmiu' was heard with each
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being held financially responsible for the loss of the
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toms, I am since informed, that existed in her former pregnancy. Improp-
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a roughened discoloration of the skin. Diarrhea has persisted, the bowels mov-
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in advance of that brought about by good nutrition alone. A considerable

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