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they are employed — and should not be used unless

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In adeno-carcinoma the gland tissue is much increased in

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painful, and swelled, exudation and coagulation of the

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very fretful, and, that fretfulness continuing, Dr. Smith was led to

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downwards the vessel was filled with a firm plug. The

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evils of mercurialization are of little moment, ])rovided the remedy prove in

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petite and oxygenation, while with the increased solar

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STON, of Montreal. He touched briefly on the geographi-

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Previous to treatment her backache was so severe that it had

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testine was firmly adherent to the ascending colon for

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with respect to diet, the hours devoted to sleep and rest, etc. The causes

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both boues of the leg almost never takes place on the

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12 bute, O. 13 j’yrt, O. 11 up, H. 13 jiyrt, O. 16 for yt yf yf®b, O.

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ire very rarely followed by white leg — for example, in the various blood-poison-

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plified the precision and adaptation of the laws presiding over the safety

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The mule business was a very profitable one for Argentina during the

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of cocaine, are often used to allay the symptoms. Children sometimes

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patients that had their eye-muscles cut, often repeatedly,

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ascribable to each individual in the receipt ! Consequently,

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he said Warren and Lister had made them possible by

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upon extremely variable data relating to diagnosis and operation. The

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during the calorimeter experiment which was not discovered until

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under my puni]),' and, after the cold douche, took his

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terial, and therefrom draw inaccurate conclusions. All

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