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find any systematic mention of them. There are three
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Carolan, Herbert, 47S8, San Francisco, Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll , N. Y., Mar. 25, 1805.
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Taking into consideration the history, the physical findings of a
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Dr. Roberts Bartholow,* of Cincinnati, hns bad the boldness^to apply this method of cerebral
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correct term, but that Dr. Willett had used the term " retraction " ring, which,
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composed of four pieces ; a handle, a screw, a shaft.
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programme will be with reference to the returns of the Navy
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J?anan 14 hy 15 eac 16 pum J?eobpcipe columbinam hateb.
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power. Moreover, it is evidently incorrect to consider the corpuscular
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(2) Strictures complicated by ulceration may be first treated by bougies,
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analyzed 64 cases. In 50 the distribution Avas as follows: feet and legs,
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they have been 'ever learning, but never able to come to the knowledge
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and body were in action, verifying the natural action of the
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Dr. Jonathan Wright said that the papers that had been
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36. Aatitubercle Serum. E. A. de Scijweinitz, Washington.
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of the sodium compound of benzoyl cystin and the benzoylated dia-
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patients who have paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration
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increased by movement, and is worse after taking solid food. The giddi-
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and 75 for swine plague bacilli and 100 and 150 respectively for
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held that deficiency of sunlight is a large factor in the causation of rickets.
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colonies appear, often visible only with a hand lens. They show little
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esthetic areas ; No. 2, for most operations ; No. 3, for superficial opera-
surface is to be dealt with cocaine works admirably. On one
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The late Dr. Thomas Addison, of Guj-'s Hospital, London, in 1855, de-
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experiments upon six healthy persons, definitely determined the following facts
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Clin. J., Lend., 1893, ii, 257-201. — Spasiaiio (G.) Del-
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their pulsation, and tied. As we approach the vaginal
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"During my two years' service as physician to the Massa-
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the Supreme Court ! and the august ceremony quite ushered in by an ap-
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from the system. More frequently they are re-absorbed, and
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itching in the afiected parts. The ears and lips became very
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Guersant in a child 6 weeks old, and is not infrequently seen in early
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