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reason I believe that a good lay clerk can secure better results with this
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regulations. This has been one phase of the Government's work for
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edema of the skin of the breast, (3) fixation of the
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27. Details showing construction of doors of silo wlieu not made con-
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edges of the auricles were then closed with a purse-string suture, and
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Bokitansky had laid the cornerstone of modem general pathology,
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56. Eyeground in a case of miliary tuberculosis of the choroid
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as usual when they were transplanted. We did not consider this pecu-
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residential suburbs. Though it fronts on a broad avenue, it occupies
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in standards is the inevitable result — as the Soviet Union
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to the possibility of a transformation of tubercle bacilli through
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History of the Interval. — The patient has had no gastro-intestinal symp-
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Farm, exi)erimental, proiK)sed for breeding, feeding, and dairy work 63
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ity to advance the community health, as well as the
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funds derived from the campaign are used within the
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of the inability to swallow, due to a paralysis of the muscles of the
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the intcniiil saplienons nerve is st nnihiteil. If a suitahle dose of strych-
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vitrified brick. Woodwork lacks paint and whitewash. The room was in fairly clean
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important because some of the giant follicle tumors
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while there came in close contact with the children ; in Mrs. A's words,
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row. some of them multinucleated with well defined nuclei
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viirlit VM' aiv .Mil cxrrpl Iho siMli. " lu-'l" Mipi.lirs llu- .•sl.Mual nHuv
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of the o\ary of certain animals, <:roups of cells have heen deserihed
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of Texas to the southwest comer of Greer County, Oklahoma Territory; thence north,
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pulses. This indeed seems to be the scientific method,
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ncrvp is stinnil;iti'il ( rluniicnll.v , incrlinnii-iilly m- elect lic.ill.v'i <Iiii-iMi; its
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Pettis A. J. Campbell, Sedalia W. A. Beckemeyer, Sedalia
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(ijnioiisly ri'|iri'^('iit tie extent to \liie|i tlii^ sulistanee lias lieeome ('(iii-
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partition, being entirely isolated. The other room in the cooler for sheep and swine also
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cylindrical hole bored in one end and extending to within not less than 1
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from the traditional type of aspiration biopsy — is

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