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from pain, but in the evening the pain commenced, and continued with

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(To be represented upon a chart of the body. 1 It should be mentioned here

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to preach to you. Though you know all the ologies and practice

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and hence it is returned to the system, and as a natural

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date of Dr. Hicks's advocacy of it. As regards the puerperal state the writer

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It was observed by Kellogg that the amount of sweat

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rinth, but the eighth nerve as well, and perhaps even the medullary

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in 1954 and served his internship at St. Mary’s Hospital

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special grant in aid is now allowed by the (English) Board of Education.

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speak, of course, now only with reference to the vaso-motor

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no complaint to make of Ricord's Treatise on these grounds. Hunter

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as to events and as to the lapse of time ; and there will be no more

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rons of the third order hemorrhages and destruction of nerve fibers

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cure or modify the disease, and that further observations are necessary.

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The heart's action at this time is rather forcible, the apex-beat

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