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How the Baby is Cared for. — I have said nothing as yet as to
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most advantage when applied in this situation, as it was nearer
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normal. The kidaeTH are larg« and C0DgMt«d, and tb« cortical substance u
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cision as to whether a neoplasm should be removed or not, should rest upon
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a. — See American Medicine, Vol. V, No. 22, p. 854.
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difficult than in an ordinary gastro-jejunostomy. The absence of
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and covered the whole nipple, and, after some time, the breast became hard.
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reports the case of a man of 38, Mexican born, who presented at
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lesions, trifling as tliey may be in extent, may increase the
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its improvement, manifest as much earnestness and intelligence and love of truth
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vomiting. Nearly all had slight diarrhoea — from two to five
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in which relaxation, thickening, and ulceration of the mucous
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requirements of respiration; until, at length, the thorax
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had for several months, during her waking hours, constantly pounded some
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omentum + ctortc bladder + dffx^<>^ scrotum -f
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afford no proof of intercourse. If, from other circumstances in the case, it
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triceps, knee, and Achilles jerk all disappear. But before this
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inar has been received with great enthusiasm by the
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was gaining ground. On April 20 he was not so well, disliking his milk, and feeling
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The next diflBculty was to render the film, enclosed in
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meal soup, prepared by boiling down to 500 c.c. one liter of water
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stant and uniform during the period under observation, or
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to the passing of the preliminary examination before
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administration of the so-called "blood-purifying remedies," composed
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ed into little balls, resembling those evacuated by sheep or
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from individual peculiarities ; some men take only sixty ounces — others as much as
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these desirable attributes does not by any means prove
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mother came simply to report. I find that the baby has steadily
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parents to feel no pain in her head, but only inconvenience from its weight. She

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