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is good is antiseptic, even though it may not be Listerian. The tone of

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body, the cough reflex now and then overdoes things.

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«tc. A consideration of these circumstaoccs, however, 1 shall re-

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that this cannot reach any important degree, until the mitral

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1 After washing the clot with chloroform water, alcohol, and ether, the quantita-

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distillate, which gave distinctly the iodoform reaction,

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monad (crithidial) forms and individuals representing every

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the long, motionless cirri for the purpose of entangling food-particles.

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er with secondary g .ration of the parenchyma of the gr

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that phthisis is infectious, and that, if a patient is extremely

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ence has proved to be useful and reliable. Where special mixtures

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eighty per cent, of cases occurring in New York City,

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cisely what ought to be expected, when it is considered that this

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cervical roots, viz. the supinator longus, biceps, and deltoid,

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some considerable difficulty punctured by the trocar and

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Upon gelatin plates at room temperature there appear, after a

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Brunslow, Lesser, Travers (1826), Knes, Grubb, Brown (1829), Neu-

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Dr. Bray — I have very great pleasure in nominating for the office of Vice-President of

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relax the grasp and apply the outer blade to the side of the head, or over

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drug inspection. Rep. Bd. Heiiltli Mass. 18^'6-90, Bost.,

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sarcomas of the bones, adrenal, mediastinum, and uveal tract; the last

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of their insurance means a great deal. Their wages and

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