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tional gastro-intestinal disturbances, or lor ncurastlKMiia or psychas-

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22. He came again, and I drew off, after introducing the

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Hausmann (1913) adds copper sulphate to the urine and dilutes

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diagnosis of chronic intestinal nephritis in the bulk of these patients,

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efforts, and much effusion of blood ; so that my manner of

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length of life; when tested by other means, such as measuring

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injection, which should be from 40 to 50 c.c, will the better reach the semi-

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The author begins by giving an account of emanation in which he

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extended over fifteen years and included some 200 cases. He had found that

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Select Dissertations on several subjects of Medical Science. By Sir Gilbert

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hence this organ loses its accustomed brilliancy, and becomes dull

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the love of the science itself, for those who wish to illustrate, by

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allowing himself to make many vague, unsuccessful, and per-

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admissions to the general hospitals from which the majority of

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the right ear and angle of the jaw were enlarged. Examination for

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afterward face some object or idea belonging to that experience

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largely due to errors in technique, and therefore ought to be avoided. The

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They have also collected sixty cases from the literature of the last ten

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of B. influenzae through 22 subcultures, stimulating the growth with

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peared; heart-burn is still present, and there arc eructations of acid material.

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and latterly great press campaigns, both for and against the so-called 'cure ',

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.same significance as the hypermotility in duodenal ulcer. As has

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