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patient was pronounced convalescent. She eats, drinks, and sleeps well.

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mer was in his fifty-third year; but he had lost none of the buoyancy or

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.modo non lacrymis justoque comploratu proscquerentur mortuosi sed ne cfierrent

bupropion sr 150 mg twice daily reviews

The virus is contained in the peripheral blood only during the first

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leja *j pscfc pa, heapob J?aepmibe • *j mm fi8Son pa

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Two soholar.ships, of the annual value of £2.3 and £.20 re-

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spreadeth itself in uncultivated places, and not on wet

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Let us, like the great Lemaire, in the midst of the

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This was mistaken for an abscess, and opened in a very heroic manner.

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have simple actions ; they turn the eye, or, to speak more correctly, the

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The child has the features of " Mongolian " idiocy already

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fracture of the fibula and proper adjustment of the bone, dressed with eucalyptus

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Medical College; Clinical Assistant in Surgical Dispensary

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which may lay the foundation for incurable and grave lesions of the heart.

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cuts the E. M. F. down to 45 volts. The metal reflector back

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civilized countries it rarely spreads. In countries w^here the disease has

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to other titles, the proof would not be required, as

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Grant, W. Y. Grant, James Gray, W. A. Gray (B.A.), Arthur "Gwyther, H. H.

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ten from colitis. The people of the county have become aware of the

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bers capable of taking vaccine in same degree, and, we sup-

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