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While speaking of the Brownonian system, I stated that it contained

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The coinciding effects, either convulsing or paralyzing, of the two

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died five days after the operation, the fistula having existed for twenty years.

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by Zimmermann and by Liebermeister that there is, besides, a very great

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soon afterwards laid his head on his mother's lap and lost all consciousness.

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might have alluded to the positive contributions of Montgomery,

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no effect whatever, whereas, in that which is feigned, violent sneez-

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Medicine and the investigation of disease itself. But to un-

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principles of life, or, rather, the views and objects which nature may have

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tended by vomiting, purging, and cramps. It comes on suddenly,

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deaux, of June 20, 1886. A strong, healthy man, aged

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sertion that he might have excluded them in the exercise of the

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when it is associated with other symptoms denoting a pericardial

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cipitate. Thus is formed what has been called \h& fusible calculus,

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You have no doubt noticed that our program this year is a

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