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arteries, but rather to increase it Its use is indicated in diseases in
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nished by the Hamburg Board of Health, there were in that
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sicians, especially country ones, are in the habit of calling for leeches,
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Tusini, Giuseppe, tiber die Aktinomykose des Fusses. Arch. f. fcKn, Chir.,
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They vary much with the location of the lesions and further complications
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Etiology. — The variations in the amount of blood in an organ
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tidiness of streets and dooryards. Even in this particular, which is
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ponade, not only will it be so much the harder to arrest the bleeding
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sion that it may be generated in an inland locality, provided
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arms are braced, so as to expand the chest — but in vain. The vesicular
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not having witnessed its " effioacite merveilleuse " in all patients with
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and mercurial ointment as at least superfluous in the treatment of
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flow of bile was obstructed, this also subsides when the flow becomes
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the whole province of hygiene and social science. Protection

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