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the eye was made. Dr. Sickles said that much error was due to use of too
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and was only clung to by the people as a sacred inheritance
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surplus at present in the Treasury will be materially
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sequently, for the retention of the parts in apposition, is a
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Arm presentation, four cases (2 boys and 2 girls) ; first case, both arms
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cent of multiparas, and in 25 per cent of primiparse. Blot, on the other
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lege or scientific school of high rank with evidence
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Heart clots, venous clots. Infecting debris. Symptoms : paresis or paraly-
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below the umbilicus, rate 110 per minute. The external meas-
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by dilatation of the stomach, which exists in two-thirda
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minister to special patients, e.g., patients requesting special rites from
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syphilitic or para-syphilitic. They differ from the typical forms
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truth, but a submission to the evil promptings which beset
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symptoms and the appearances after death denote the existence and limi-
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but also after subsequent injections. It reaches its maximum on
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tive help positive only by negation. What does "real
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tain a few grannies, ivhilst the strndure of the lung is exactly simi-
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In the next few days the patient walked from one end of the ward to the other
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drops of almond or olive oil renders the collodion more flexible
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descendmg degeneration of the crossed pyramidal tract,
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Painting and Architecture;" "Societies;" " Effort to
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tion: With Special Reference to Protein (Amino- Acid)
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school- houses for all who would come, have found very
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“fairly decent financial remuneration.” “In addition,” he
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18. Von Noorden : Metabolism and Practical Medicine, Chicago Medical Book
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one superimposed upon another, so as to overlax) and cover in all
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Indeed they are usually beneficial, for these minute growths
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inferred from the great diversity of ojiinion, regarding the sup-
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similar to those appearing in the enanthema of measles.
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general law in certain factories and workshops, (a) as to period of
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tives of different degrees of mildness or virulence, from
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of vomiting — in short, the symptoms of gastritis are present. The matter
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haste and ignorance he stigmatizes as beyond the pale of pro-
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displayed forbidding the use of handkerchiefs or rags for the
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acid, HC-H5O2 ; 4, cinnamic acid, CgHgO, ; 5, benzylic cinna-
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clear. Both elements constitute powerful predisposing
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This paper was prepared at the request of the Geor-
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breath as something very ordinary, and are not in the least alarmed by it.
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clothing, bare legs and arms, whereby the loss of heat from the skin is
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when stung have reactions no worse than their original one. A

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