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which had been observed not only by myself, but by several
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however, in which this condition of resistance is created is as yet not clearly
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disease follows an insidious course from the commencement, and it does not
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sj-philis he had himself treated, or seen treated, with-
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that a medical service chosen from the profession, a voluntary draft,
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trolled after n while. The rijfht foot draggcfd badly, and tho
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The abdomen is opened midway between sefved from sixty . five days to three years,
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clear aspect, the subcutaneous fat disappears and the skin feels
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against a too hasty conclusion of guilt in the mother, should such a
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and from time to time repeated. By the last of February tlie external
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The child was born in New Mexico, of American parents; is now sixteen
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treatment, directed against the genito-urinary disorders,
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a great one. Surely there must be some fallacy, but I cannot
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Reynolds, Captain Frederick P., assistant surgeon, will proceed
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that aneurysms of the thigh are much rarer, one to three,
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suppurating glands in the jugidaris externa ivhich they surrounded,
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to 105° F. The fever of invasion, as well as the syphilitic fever
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ferred to a case which I reported, it may interest the fellows
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In diagnosis, syphilitic liver is to be distinguished from cancer
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tion and the patient is unable to touch the sternum with the
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it will be seen that in the year 1917, the Metropolitan district and
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Dr. John Hilton Holt, assistant surgeon U. S. M.-H. S.,.in
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the vessels. If there is constipation, it should be relieved by a
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strong and robust will set up serious trouble in those who
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bers to be affected, has hitherto been considered as occurring
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more important than his food. It is a matter of common knowledge
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1 Lcf OQs tur les D^nnations vulvaire^ et anales, etc
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, , . . ■> , , _, T expression, the mouth is opened and the
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best learnt fi-om the work it.self. HispLan of treating lateral curvature of
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instrument was removed, the outline of the pad was traced on
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It is to be remembered that the manifestations of visceral syphilis are
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fingers, in the hope of inunediately finding what I had so
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been active, they continue after partial narcosis, but with
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bral body is unchanged ; and neural disturbances are of a
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of medical knowledge which are sorely regretted, as
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markable for the rapidity of its termination. He re-
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less, the medical literature devotes far fewer pages to new
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Arabian peninsula^ and its subsequent extension to Egypt^ and
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ger from ileus. It answers an admirable purpose in the form of
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dirty clothing, dirty nurse and dirty doctor, making an afebrile
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