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to be summoned at once. The necessity of these precautions
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Government to impose conditions of service on them, which
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Norman. Dalton. M.D.. appointed Professor of Pathological Anatomy at
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treatment with ice the child recovered. Dr. Lees concluded
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ment of patients, but also for continually aff'ording me the
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from excess of tannin while extracting all the aroma; ("J)
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country. In Victoria, the capital, tliere are -^ medical men, the total
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Infirmary on April 11th ; Dr. Packer, President, in the chair.
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at some such departure from principles otherwise fixed.
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Asylums Board hospitals 79 have had small-pox. Of the
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soft parts lying between the basilar process and the anterior arch of the-
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locally thought of as London street refuse, which some of the patients
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abdominal cavity. It was not determined wliether there was
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divided, marked diminution of the swelling being the result.
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H. S. C— Mr Shirley Murphy's Report to the Local fiovernment Board,
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•ever found. The question comes to be: When was the pin
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penclix the shape of the organ would be more.or less followed
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hibition of stretcher drill, the mode of carrying wounded, and
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bowels were regulated by purgatives, but no other medicines
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May 1st and following days. The subjects proposed for dis-
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Dr. Dukes's experience, we may add, strongly supports
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In ansvver to Dr. Faeqtihaeson, the Witness said he would
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favourably influence the specific ulcers or their products. It
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trace of its existence ; or it may, on the other hand, prociuce
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cluded 487 which were referred to the principal zymotic diseases, against
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The undermentioned gentlemen are appointed suigeon Lieutenants to
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set the London Hospital there were symptoms of aneurysm
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bent round so that the eirds could be pressed firmly on the
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were 5*i below the average, and were equal to an annual rate of 5.1 per
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(^i(ara??;rae.— The period of quarantine ought to be 15 days ;
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my desire to avoid arousing a spirit of opposition on the part
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optic disc partly covered by a hfemorrhage, but was ap-
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subject heading. Wlien there are references to several papers
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than acute renal dislocation could be found for these cases,
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with a large suppurating bubo in the left groin, consequent
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pressed upon. Patient fainted twice during the examination.
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have encouraged litigation under sucli circumstances.
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operation. Again, it may be advisable when the patient has
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wlio have to pay heavily out oi tlie rates for the sins of the builder.
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eminent abilities, upright and honourable character, and ever

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