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of the female sternum exceeds in length that of half of the

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and the result of Miehaelis and Rona has been confirmed.

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fessor Franklin Townsend, Jr., M. D., was awarded to Mr.

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He is survived by his wife, who before marriage was Miss Lucy Mc-

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work and leave me my special field of neurology, which is much to my

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atresia of the rectum ; the absence of any vital organ ; either

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cultivation of national restraint in the use of intoxicants. "The

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in reaching a conclusion as to the validity and credibility of

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sessions will, of course, be permitted to continue the admission of stu-

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admission however he showed beginning development of the character-

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conducted under some difficulties owing to the absence of Dr.

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wound, one made just before the death by the use of a cutting

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police-station. At 2.25 p. m., he was seen in his cell, quiet and

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of skin, in fevers, in obesity and in anemia, scurvy, and goiter. Preceding

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sometimes be found to continue for a limited period after

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(NH 4 )OH, especially in the presence of excess of (NII).,S(),.

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the normal; original serum contained 7*3 °/ protein.

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cocoous might be spun under conditions as nearly similar as possible.

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Nos. 1, 13 and 14. It seems reasonable to suppose that the failure in

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absence of the vagina, the medicolegal troubles with other

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was ever present, and which has cleared up, she is now able to open with-

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pigeons affected with polyneuritis in a few hours, and the solution stored m

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carry the body to a railway track to be mutilated by the next

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2. That a wounded vein is of less consequence than a wounded

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David Fattaleh, West Virginia Division of Tourism and

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cm. ; in males, 4.8 cm. In females, again, there is a fairly

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wifhout clinical WeedirK} m patients receiving Caria

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dressings would equip such a base hospital, but it soon became

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"border line" cases in which the fitness of candidates for military service

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