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1913. Whipple, Geo. H., Johns Hopkins Med. School, Baltimore.

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of Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College

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Ediub. M. & S. J., 1838, 1, 87-118. Also, Keprint.— Vacher

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fluids or food will correspondingly diminish, the amount. The amount

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feeling. It makes him dizzy now to look to one side. He still

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Many investigators have for a long time studied intermittent ma-

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wifery veetis, I nearly concur. After briefly attempting to ac-

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jury. It was a tear in the side of the vessel at the point of exit from

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is quite unsafe to repeat this meaicine so often. The charac-

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strychnine.' But, even should we be disappointed in this, we must not con-

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trickles into these arterial branches and fills them, but no outward

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the abdomen and neck, and also one on the sole of the right foot.

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parasite effective in that disease. Whether the lesions exist solely

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tell you exactly how it produces this effect, it would be unscientitic

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withimi)uuity, while there are temperatures exceedingly low in which

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Counter-irritation to the neck and chest has always been found

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patients — a clear example or illustration of IIk- theory of (lisHolulion as

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central circulation. The prognosis is far less grave than in cardiac disease, as life

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Kimura. Researches on Urobilin in Bile, Deutsch. Archiv. f. klin. Med., 1904,

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ment of the spleen there are such alterations of the splenic paren-

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being given, if necessary. The following ie preferred

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nights afterwards, at the Surgical Society of Ireland, he spoka

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reflex vasomotor dermatoueuroses secondary to various visceral afiec-

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■was one of the most extensive on record ; and, assuming a

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vessel be occluded, complete and rapid necrosis of the kidney results.

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enlargement of the sella turcica in a downward direction and the dense

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materials that our country can afford, and in the very

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error. The gratification of a morbid desire to be distinguished as the

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thus disqualified by disease. The organs of reason are depen-

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of the erysipelatous skin in man, and from the experiments upon

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cine which Hahnemann wished to have distinguished as first

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that, in many scientific controversies, both parties form too un-

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number to work efficiently in governing the Founda-

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