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ifact that might be more often utilized by the general practitioner to

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symptoms of mental deterioration, common after an attack of apoplexy.

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we recognize it as the usual cause of secondary diseases. Thus it can be

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Chapter VI., on the anatomy and physiology of the ovary, has been

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fact, that the alternative in the third labor was craniotomy or the

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he reports two successes in severe cases of syphilitic dysphonia, managed as

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as much an integral part of one system as the other.

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upon, should show a considerable variation from this, one could

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"I think, therefore, that it may safely be assumed that nerves do exist

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He also imagined that he had a wonderful knowledge of drugs, and

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which no less than seventeen attacks had occurred in a period of five

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operation or the so-called American operation, because it re-

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perance, the efifect of a sea voyage, if wisely regulated, is often of im-

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Present illness : Negative except for slight edema of legs and

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as will best assure the safety of the community ; but to provide

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the effects of combination therapy with dutasteride and tamsulosin on clinical outcomes

it is absolutely necessary first — that we define narcotic addiction,

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mission to the hospital patient was extremely drowsy and sleepy,

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the only medication was Basham's mixture and strychnia. He was suffering

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spasmodic contraction of a muscle which has existed only as a dissecting-

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.09 to .11 to a pound daily ; in a child of three or four urea may

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varicosity of the vein and its apparent or probable anastomoses. In long

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thing to do with the continuous passing of thin, ashy-colored

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teresting to note that nearly four hundred doctors from all parts of

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In the later stages fibroid changes occur with shortening of the cords

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the abdomen for removal of the appendix. Incise the skin down

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Analgesia-plantar surfaces both feet and extending up posterior surface

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lapse, and paralyses and muscular atrophies, have been observed after influ-

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constipation with occasional abdominal distress. There was no inspiratory

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The question can be better answered when we have proceeded

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who had had practical experience of most of the many phases of

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On September 20, 1889, I examined the ear again and found that

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Medical Record and the American Journal of Obstetrics. This

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operation to unite these two barrels of a gun, so to speak. I have done

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plantar surface of both feet and on the dorsum of the feet also, and he

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even after the joint has been invaded by the breaking down of the

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has very rightly emphasized, by the position given it, the topog-

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mann of N. Y. are convinced that it is possible to diagnose many

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