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by auscultation, and sibilant and sonorous r41es will be conspicuous at the
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cases. In fifty-three cases of typhoid fever it was not
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which we report. First a noticeable increase of the viru-
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as long as 15 to 20 minutes, or until the pain and spasm in her
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pletely encircle the depressed bone. With the old instrument, the pin
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all outward appearances, entirely well of the wound
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flamed, &c, and as soon as the compresses were removed, the
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Such, briefly stated, are the eight principal factors which are to
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and is lost in the cerebellum — (Arciform band of Solly). The principal
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edly cases of Graves's disease in which one or two of
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not stain (Fig. 5). As Unna points out, his acid or-
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No general surgeon ought to attempt to deliver a woman, and par-
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The small number of cases in whom the disease is diagnosable
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is not always complete, a portion of the exuded product becomes
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deviation. These changes have been correlated with the se-
from the mucous tissue of the colon, the stools appear to be com-
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the surface of the trunk and extremities. Contrary to the general opinion,
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as far as the sixth rib, the sound was clear; laterally it was dull
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brushed off from the capsules of the Eottlera tinctoria, a species of
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has been previously kept. The horses I have found affected
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Europe, when executions — especially political ones — were
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without producing local accidents such as inflammation of the skin, consecutive
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afterwards destroyed herself. It was proved, however, that no blood had
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Malaria may be caused by drinking marshy water, and the report by
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retic action of the water and vapor, explain one of the ele-
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edges of the wound became of such a color as to lead

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