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in many localities and in great numbers. The same statement he thought
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immunity from malaria being obtained by long residence in malarious
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prolapse. Operation September 20, 189.3. Curettement and repair
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2-10%. (5. Intelligent and careful nursing with especial attention to improv-
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stomach is very irritable only one or two fluidrachms
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is indeed " absolutely universal in its extent, but completely
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to be added to the last edition to revise it to date, and the call
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the husband has a tooth, the wife a heart — a literal
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But Poebsgen ' showed that the antrum cardiacum can-
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sputa on standing separate into three distinct layers : the uppermost,
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medication would be substituted. He made a very re-
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sary, as far away from the groin as possible, with scraping of
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The Tongue. — The next thing is a look at the tongue, which
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to a fibrositis localized in the meninges of the brain.
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rather resembling telangiectases on the face. These were not very definite.
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The state horticultural society worked side by side with
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causes of death under which decreases chiefly occurred were con-
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for true casts. They are, however, less distinctly outlined, shaped more irregu-
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ened pulse, shiverings, and horripilation, it lies sick
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which produced a comfortable night^s rest, the fii'st he had enjoyed
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much better endured when a plentiful supply of water is given
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will be relieved and the skin made to appear healthier and more
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anaemia. The patient was reduced to a profound degree of
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removed as far toward the base of the brain as possible,
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The presence of a small quantity of arsenic in beer was at once con-
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of whom 2 were octogenarians, and one (a female) was stated to

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